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Braces and Wires

Braces and WiresDr. Lachica and Dr. Patterson utilize the latest in orthodontic technology by using self-ligating braces and shape-memory, superelastic wires instead of traditional braces and stiffer wires to provide patients with faster and more comfortable treatment.

Self-ligating braces use a free-sliding technology to secure wires. This combination places only a small amount of pressure on teeth in comparison to the traditional use of elastic ties and ligature wires. The reduced friction between the self-ligating braces and the wires allows teeth to move more quickly and biologically. Many patients who had braces in the past, and who are currently undergoing re-treatment with this combination of materials, comment that it is much more comfortable than they remember.

Self-ligating braces were designed with patients' comfort in mind: the brackets have smooth edges and a lower profile so as not to interfere with the lips and cheeks. In addition, self-ligating braces are easier to keep clean since no elastic or wire ties are required to secure the main arch wires into place. Therefore, patients can maintain a cleaner look and healthier smile throughout their entire treatment.