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Meet Our Staff




Sherry, Front Office Administrator

Sherry joined our team in November 2019. She earned her Dental Assisting degree in 2004 and spent 7 years in Endodontics as the lead surgical assistant. She moved to Tracy when she married her husband and found herself seeking change as an Account Manager at Microdental Laboratories. She has a deep knowledge of dental from all sides and strives to give the best customer service possible to our patients! On the weekends you will likely find her with her beautiful family at any body of water and church on Sundays!



Noelia, Treatment Coordinator

My name is Noelia and I am the Treatment Coordinator at San Ramon Orthodontics. I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bay Area. I have worked in the dental field for over 10 years and love to see our Patients smile. I enjoy my free time with my family and friends.



Angelica, Financial Coordinator

Hi, my name is Angelica, was born and raised in San Francisco, I can also speak, read, and write fluently in Tagalog. I have been a Financial Coordinator for five years in the dental field, prior to that I worked in the medical field as Revenue Cycle Liaison and a medical Tagalog Interpreter as well. Joining Dr. Karkhanechi's wonderful team has been a great experience. I love seeing the difference orthodontics makes in people's lives. When not working, I really enjoy spending quality time with my older kids and have the funnest time with my grandbaby. I also have passion for music, shows, biking, eating out with family/friends, and volunteering with events or any outreach programs.



Heather, RDA/OA

Hey there, my name is Heather and I love being a Registered Dental Assistant. I am a 90's kid, who grew up quick with a love for animals, rock, country, and our nation's military. I've traveled to 25 states and lived in 5, but call Louisiana "home". My fascination with Orthodontics began in 2001 when I learned of my own dentition and what the term "impaction" means. Over the last 6 years I have learned from wonderfully talented doctors, and continue to learn from Dr. K every day. When the opportunity of being a lab technician presented itself, I could not pass it up. One of my favorite jobs as an assistant is making appliances, such as expanders and retainers. This career incorporates my love of creating art and science, and I hope you love the experience of being a patient here as much as I love being your Dental Assistant. Peace & Love




Susan, RDA

Susan has been a certified dental assistant with the San Ramon Orthodontics team since 2019 when she moved back to California from Texas. She has over 20 years of dental experience. She loves meeting new people and being a part of their journey to a beautiful smile. Susan is a mom of two and enjoys spending time traveling with her family and dog.



Shannon, RDA/OA

Hi, I'm Shannon, I've been dental assisting since 2009 and I love the dental field. I had no idea I would, so I'm as surprised as you are! It makes me proud to be a part of Dr. Karkhanechi's team. I truly believe she is a fantastic orthodontic provider and I'm happy to be here working with her towards your best smile! When I'm not reminding people to floss, I enjoy being in the sunshine, reading fine print, or doing laundry. I'm also happy to share that I am a level 33 Pokemon trainer. Yes, people still play that. Hope to see you in-person soon! Don't forget to floss!



Marlon, RDA/OA

Hello, My Name is Marlon and it is an honor to be a part of Dr. Karkhanechi’s staff. I have been an Orthodontic assistant since 2002. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Karkhanechi in her other office for more than 15 years. She is great and passionate in all that she does. I am so happy to be able to join her awesome team here at San Ramon Orthodontics. Other than Ortho, I also have 17 plus years of experience working in pedodontics. I enjoy working with kids of all ages and I love helping them achieve their new smiles. When I am not working, I truly enjoy spending time with my family. I love going to the beach, traveling, riding my motorcycle, camping and taking care of my fish tank.

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