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Orthodontic treatment is often equated with long turnaround times, pain, and extreme lifestyle changes. With accelerated orthodontics, you no longer need to wait years to see results. At San Ramon Orthodontics in San Ramon, California, Dr. Hannah Karkhanechi offers top-of-the-line accelerated orthodontic treatments to get you the smile you deserve and restore your teeth’s function in no time. Get in touch today by phone or online to book an appointment.

Accelerated Orthodontics Q & A

What is accelerated orthodontics?

Just like the name suggests, accelerated orthodontics refers to iterations of traditional orthodontic treatments designed to significantly minimize the duration of the treatment at hand.

In most cases, accelerated orthodontics can reduce treatment time by 3-8 months, depending on the complexity of your dental issues. While accelerated orthodontics uses the same devices as traditional orthodontics, it does so by adding specialized tools to the treatment arsenal.

The main types of accelerated orthodontic treatments:

PROPEL® accelerated orthodontics

PROPEL accelerated orthodontics refers to an add-on service to treatments like traditional braces and Invisalign. PROPEL uses your body’s natural bone regeneration process in the alveolar bone in the upper and lower jaw. It increases your teeth’s ability to shift, your tissue’s healing capabilities, and significantly enhances traditional orthodontic treatment.  


AcceleDent is an FDA-approved treatment that uses SoftPulse technology to accelerate the movement of your teeth. The treatment works by applying micro-pulses to stimulate bone cells through a mouthpiece. This makes it easier for your teeth to move faster and painlessly. The device is portable and requires use for only 20 minutes a day.

What are the benefits of accelerated orthodontics?

While the most apparent benefit of accelerated orthodontics is time efficiency, there are many other reasons why you might consider accelerated orthodontic treatment. For instance, an increasing number of adults seek orthodontic treatment to rectify issues they didn’t address in their youth.

However, many adults shy away from orthodontic treatment because of the way braces look and how long the treatment lasts, especially if they work in an office environment. Accelerated orthodontics make it possible for adults to get the care they need without sacrificing their appearance or professional demeanor.

In addition, accelerated orthodontics requires fewer visits to the office, meaning that the treatment is not only shorter, but it’s also less time-consuming overall.  

What are the disadvantages of accelerated orthodontics?

There are very few disadvantages of accelerated orthodontics. Nonetheless, just like any procedure, you might experience slight discomfort after the procedure and while your body heals. At San Ramon Orthodontics, Dr. Karkhanechi is happy to give you advice on pain management techniques and medications.

To learn more about how to get quick and effective orthodontic results, book an appointment at San Ramon Orthodontics today by phone or online.