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7 And Up Treatment

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No Referrals – No Costs – No Worries
No referrals are needed . Your child will receive a free consultation and observation appointments until they are ready to start treatment.

Treat At The Right Time

The American Association of Orthodontists highly recommends that children have a consultation at age 7 because this is generally when the permanent teeth begin to erupt and the jaws are developing. Missing the opportunity to examine your child can lead to invasive treatments in the future. When possible we like to treat patients without extracting permanent teeth or referring for surgery.


Prevent A Problem

Would you want to know if your child had an underlying orthodontic problem? Did you know that two-thirds of what goes on in your child’s mouth happens below the surface? Preventing problems is easier and less costly than correcting them later.

Get Treated By An Expert

As a parent, you want the best for your children, so it only makes sense to seek out an orthodontic expert. Dr. Karkhanechi is a leader in her field and has made numerous presentations sharing her wisdom to doctors who want to deliver superior results to their patients. Our practice is consistently voted #1 Orthodontic practice by the Bay Area Parent Best of the Best magazines.


When should your child start Phase 1 treatment?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends starting Phase 1 treatment if your child has or is experiencing any of the following issues:

Teeth protrusions
Chewing and biting difficulty
Early/late loss of baby teeth
Prolonged thumb sucking
Alignment issues
Jaw shifting
Speech impediments
Open Bite

In other cases, Dr. Karkhanechi recommends Early treatment if you’ve noticed that your child exclusively breathes through their mouth, especially during the night. This can lead to sleep apnea as your child gets older.


What does Phase 1 treatment involve?

In most cases, Phase 1 treatment fixes issues relating to:

Crowding: there isn’t enough space in the mouth to accommodate all teeth

Crossbite: upper jaw is too narrow and doesn’t fit with the lower jaw

Impacted teeth: a tooth obstructs the growth of another

The jaw is divided into two sections, upper and lower, and it keeps developing until puberty ends. Phase 1 treatment allows Dr. Karkhanechi to intervene while the jaw is still in its developing stage.

At San Ramon Orthodontics, Dr. Karkhanechi uses palatal expanders to modify your child’s upper dental arch. In doing so, she creates space in the mouth.


What are the benefits of Phase 1 treatment?

The benefits of Phase 1 treatment are manifold, though the primary benefit is that it significantly reduces your child’s chances of developing severe dental issues down the line.

Some other benefits of Phase 1 treatment include:

Healthy jaw development
Guides permanent teeth into ideal locations
Lower chances of injury to front teeth
Shortens treatment time in the future
Reduces chances of impacted permanent teeth
Reduces Chance of needing to extract teeth in the future


Getting your child in front of an orthodontist as early as when they’re seven years can make all the difference.

Call or go online today to book an appointment with Dr. Karkhanechi at San Ramon Orthodontics.