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Dental Monitoring



The future of orthodontics is here. You use your smartphone for just about everything - why not use it for your orthodontic treatments? In just a few simple steps, you can submit your process photos, allowing your Specialist Orthodontist to analyze the movement of your teeth and ensure everything is on track.



Your virtual check-up in 3 steps


  • Download the Dental Monitoring app: In a few clicks, you can have our app on your phone and be connected to your Specialist Orthodontist in a moment’s notice.


  • Snap a selfie: We’ll let you know when it’s time to send your photos. We'll provide detailed instructions to ensure we have all the photos we need. You can take these from wherever you are.


  • Get back to your busy schedule: Once you’ve submitted your photos, our team will analyze them and make sure everything is going according to your treatment plan. Meanwhile, you can get back to what you love to do most.


Invisalign® and Dental Monitoring: 

 From anywhere, at any time!

With Dental Monitoring you will have the peace of mind that your aligners are fitting properly and that your Invisalign treatment is progressing as planned. Your doctor will monitor your Invisalign treatment each step of the way from their Dental Monitoring app dashboard. This means the convenience of fewer visits to the office but the comfort of knowing we are monitoring your treatment every week!

For Invisalign treatment, you will send a quick scan to our office every week. Based on the result of the scan, we can let you know if you should move on to your next set of aligners or continue with your current set. You can also send us a scan if you have a question or an issue with your treatment.





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