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Adult Treatment


Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile.  Orthodontic treatment during adulthood can dramatically improve one’s personal appearance and self-esteem. Improving the health of teeth and gums is equally important.  Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to gum disease and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wear of the tooth enamel and surfaces, headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain.

Tooth alignment can be changed at any age if the gums and bone structure are healthy. The modern techniques and appliances used at Dr. Karkhanechi's office greatly reduce discomfort levels, decrease the frequency of visits, shorten treatment time and may allow you to choose from more discrete options. Adults are typically excited about the esthetic options we offer, including Invisalign and clear braces.   

Can orthodontic treatment do for me what it does for children?

YES!!! Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Orthodontic forces move the teeth in the same way for both a 75-year-old adult and a 12-year-old child. For adults, tooth movement may take longer and may be complicated by existing dental conditions. Dr. Karkhanechi can address those issues that are exclusive to adults.  

How does adult treatment differ from that of children and adolescents?

Adults frequently have some wear and tear on their teeth, gums, and bone. Dr. Karkhanechi and will discuss which orthodontic treatment options could improve the teeth and bite, and may suggest the help of your dentist and other dental specialists in order to achieve your treatment goals. 

My teeth have been crooked for more than 50 years – why should I have orthodontic treatment now?

Orthodontic treatment can restore good function and prevent gum disease, bone loss, and abnormal wear that can occur at any age. Teeth that work better usually look better, too. A healthy, beautiful smile can improve self-esteem, regardless of age.  Interestingly but unfortunately, crooked teeth make hygiene very difficult.  The inflammation that can result from poor hygiene can result in gum diseases and even affect the cardiovascular system.  

Straighter teeth don't just look good.  They are better for your entire oral and general health.

Can I make my orthodontic treatment go faster?

With the use of Acceladent or Propel, a patient can reduce their time in treatment by up to 50%.  These technologies utilize principals from orthopedics and the body's natural healing processes to greatly accelerate tooth movement, thus attaining your orthodontic goals faster.  Ask us how!


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