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Why We're Unique

We Are Professional

Dr. Lachica and Patterson are both specialists in Orthodontics.
Dr. Lachica and Dr. Patterson both completed rigorous orthodontic residences after attending dental school. They are registered specialists of the American Association of Orthodontists, with a practice limited to orthodontics.

Dr. Lachica is a professor.
Today, in addition to practicing orthodontics, Dr. Lachica is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at UC San Francisco Dental School teaching in the orthodontic residency program and the pre-doctoral program for dental students.

Dr. Lachica also taught full time as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston and has authored several published articles as a researcher. She earned a Masters Degree in Orofacial Sciences during her orthodontic training.

Dr. Lachica was a General Dentist in the Navy which gives her unique experience that few Orthodontists have.
Dr. Lachica practiced as a General Dentist for five years in the Navy prior to beginning her orthodontic career. Her background in all clinical aspects of dentistry provides the knowledge and experience that enables her to treat even the most complicated cases, even those requiring complex planning between several dental disciplines.

We only treat when necessary or when the timing is right.
Every patient is different. We believe that not every patient needs braces. However, when a patient does need them, it must be planned at the most appropriate time to avoid any unnecessary length of time in braces. Both doctors will inform each patient of their orthodontic needs and options, and work with the patient and family to find the approach that is most suitable for them. We strives to minimize total treatment time for each patient. Some people don't need braces.

We are Premier Providers of Invisalign.
Dr. Lachica and Dr. Patterson are Invisalign Certified and experienced in the intricacies of the Invisalign process. Dr. Lachica is in the top 10% of all Invisalign providers and has attended over 150 hours of Invisalign continuing education courses.

Our office is rated in the top 2% of all California dental offices for outstanding sterilization practices and patient safety.
We are sticklers for a spotless office and treatment facility. Advanced sterilization systems are in place: our instruments are dry-heat autoclave sterilized between every patient, and single-use/ disposable items are used whenever possible.

We offer Orthodontic treatment at an exceptional value.
Our fees are quoted based on your specific needs and we offer a variety of flexible financing plans to meet your budget. We’re convinced that the value of a beautiful, confident smile will certainly be worth your investment.

We offer family discounts.
We recognize and understand that putting multiple family member through Orthodontic treatment can be expensive. We also value and appreciate the trust that our returning families have in us. Dr. Lachica and Dr. Patterson offer a family discount for immediate family members as a thank you.

We offer Teacher, Fire Fighter, Military and Police discounts.
We value and appreciate those that take care of our country, community and children. We extend an appreciation discount for them and their families.

We offer flexible, interest free financing
We’re convinced that the value of a beautiful, confident smile will certainly be worth your investment. We want our patient to have the smiles they want, so we’ll work to find a reasonable and fair payment plan. Our in-house financing plans are flexible and interest-free. In addition, we offer Care Credit, a no money-down option, for those who qualify.

We offer lunch time and late evening appointments to accommodate our patients schedules.
We know you're busy. To accommodate our patients’ school and work schedules, we have lunch and late evening hours at least twice a week each.

We Are High Tech

We provide online access to account information, payments and educational videos.
We offer a plethora of online services to make our patients’ orthodontic treatment as easy and convenient as possible. Patients easily can fill out forms, make payments, view payment history, confirm appointments, set appointment reminders, view educational videos, etc. via our website at Wait, you're already here.

We offer automated text and email appointment reminders.
We are happy to send digital reminders two days before appointments. We offer text and/or email messages, depending on our patients’ preferences.

We utilize digital payment records and management systems.
We utilize the leading Mac-based orthodontic practice management and imaging system which increases efficiency so we can better focus on patient care and reduce our environmental footprint.

We utilize 3-D scanning technology.
We have iTero, a state-of-the art scanning technology, that eliminates the need for uncomfortable, messy impressions for Invisalign patients. The exacting detail allows for faster, more efficient treatment planning and treatment progress.

We offer low radiation digital x-rays on-site.
Our state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine reduces radiation exposure by 70-90%! We can take the appropriate images as needed so our patients do not have to be referred to an outside lab for x-rays. We always share the images with the patient’s general dentist and specialists to alleviate need for extra exposure to radiation. Digital x-rays are essential for patient education and as well as aiding Dr. Lachica in establishing a definitive treatment plan.

We utilize the latest contemporary orthodontic appliances.
We use American-made self-ligating brackets ( that significantly improve tooth movement efficiency, patient comfort and cleansability when compared to traditional brackets. Our clear brackets are beautiful and virtually invisible. Nickel-titanium arch wires create a continuous-light force, also resulting in more efficient tooth movement with less discomfort to our patients. For some patients, Invisalign treatment offers the most aesthetic and hygienic option.

We focus on early intervention treatments.
Early evaluation provides timely detection of problems such as a cross bite, open bite, or gummy smile which allows greater opportunity for more effective treatment. If found early, prudent intervention guides growth and development which may prevent serious problems later.

We offer Acceladent.
Acceladent uses microvibrations to stimulate tooth movement, clinically shown to reduce to treatment length by up to 50%.

We Are Caring

We update parents on their child's progress at each appointment.
Dr. Lachica, Dr. Patterson and our team make a conscious effort to update parents at every appointment regarding treatment: progress and areas that may need attention. We welcome parents to join their child in the treatment area and will always make time to answer any questions.

We focus on patient / parent education.
It takes a village. We are certain that orthodontic treatment will be easier and yield the best result if everyone knows their part. Every patient, child or adult, will be informed about how he or she can contribute to their success.

Our staff is nurturing and warm.
We understand that patients must feel comfortable in order to have a positive overall orthodontic experience. We pride ourselves on our friendly, supportive and gentle approach.

Our treatments are focused on each individual patients needs.
Care and consideration is taken by Dr. Lachica, Dr. Patterson and our team to treat each patient as an individual. We will take the diagnostic records needed to create a treatment plan tailored to his or her needs individual needs.

Our office supports our community.
We strive to be more than orthodontic office. We support local schools, charities, scouts, etc. Dr. Lachica also routinely speaks at Career Days and personally mentors those who are interested in the field of dentistry or a career in the military.

We are proud providers for Smiles Change Lives, a non-profit organization that pairs orthodontists with underprivileged children in need of orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Lachica has also volunteered with the Thousand Smiles Foundation, another non-profit organization that travels to Ensenada Mexico to treat children with facial deformities and orthodontic needs.

We treat out patients as our most valuable asset.
We understand the value of a happy patient. Our goal is to delight you with a relaxed environment, a friendly and knowledgeable team of orthodontic professionals, an accommodating schedule, flexible payment solutions, and cutting-edge digital technology.

We Are Fun

We offer fun contests and patient prizes.
We have seasonal and monthly contests to keep our patients and their siblings excited about coming to our office. Whether it’s “Why I Love My Mom” in the for Mother’s Day or “Guess the Number of Seeds in the Pumpkin” for Halloween, our in-office contests make office visits fun.

We offer a cub club for younger patients to promote dental health.
For younger patients that don’t need immediate treatment, we simply monitor their growth and dental development. During that time, they can join our fun Cub Club and win movie tickets by keeping engaged in their dental health.